A Checklist for Circumstances Not Covered by Procedures

 A Checklist for Circumstances Not Covered by Procedures

  • Remain calm and do not rush:

       •     Fly the aircraft.

  • Maintain controlled flight — attitude, speed, altitude.
  • Navigate.
  • Avoid terrain.
  • Vacate bad weather.
  • Check fuel.
  • Communicate. Talk with your crew and with ATC.
  • Manage the immediate threat.


  • D – Detect. Gather all facts and information about the event — what still works and what does not.
  • E- Estimate. Assess and form an understanding of the situation.
  • Have you seen something similar?
  • Consider possible solutions.
  • C –Choose– Choose the safest practical solution.
  • I- Identify -the actions necessary to carry out the safest option.
  • Have you done this before?
  • What are the expected outcomes?
  • D – Do. Act by carrying out the safest option.
  • E –Evaluate. Evaluate the changes due to the action.
  • Reassess the situation.
  • Revise the plan if necessary.
  • Review the situation.
  • Return to the emergency checklist.

DADA Model.

  • D- DETECT. See, hear or feel cues Instrument displays Pattern recognition.
  • A-ASSESS. Compare with something familiar. Form a mental model. Pattern match.
  • D –DECIDE. Evaluate the relative importance of the information.
  • Review patterns and mental models.
  • Identify suitable action — a pattern or mental model.
  • A -ACT -Monitor Review the situation. Plan ahead.

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