DGCA warns airlines of action, if declaration forms not provided to passengers.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has warned all airlines to ensure that proper declaration forms are provided to passengers entering India or their operations may be cancelled.

Sources in the aviation regulator said that they have been informed that some international airlines are not providing declaration forms to passengers arriving into India.

“Some international airlines are not following our directive and not providing declaration forms to passengers. We will go to the extent of cancelling their operations into India, if proper procedures, mandated by the health ministry, is not followed,” said a DGCA official, who did. It want to be identified.

The aviation regulator, in an order issued on Tuesday, has asked airlines to provide declaration forms to passengers that was announced last week.

The government last week had announced that all international passengers entering India are provided with declaration forms, where they have to declare the countries that have visited and country they are coming from during their trip.

This norm was mandated after a passenger, who went to Italy but was coming from Vienna, skipped the screening at Delhi airport and infected a large number of Corona Virus.

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