Mumbai-bound IndiGo flight declares emergency, returns midway

A Mumbai-bound IndiGo flight 6E 453 operated by an Airbus A320neo aircraft that departed from Coimbatore airport at around 7.50am declared emergency and returned to its origin airport within minutes after its departure.

IndiGo spokesperson said “An IndiGo flight 6E 453 while operating from Coimbatore to Mumbai was returned to Coimbatore due to a momentary caution message noted by the pilot. As a precautionary measure, the pilot returned to Coimbatore. The aircraft was inspected and is back in operation now.”

Airport officials said that the flight returned to Coimbatore international airport around fifteen minutes after its departure. It however, landed safely with 76 passengers on board.

“The flight 6E 453 was cancelled by the airline and all the passengers were shifted to their next flight that was scheduled to take off at 2.20pm,” said a Mumbai airport official.

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