GoAir starts phasing out A320 ceo planes

New Delhi: GoAir has started phasing out A320 ceo planes from its fleet and two such aircraft have already been moved out of operations, according to an official. Last year, the no-frills airline deferred phasing out of all its 15 A320 ceo (current engine option) aircraft in the wake of the closure of Jet Airways to ensure adequate planes in the fleet since it was allocated slots of the shuttered carrier at various domestic airports.

A source said GoAir has started phasing out these planes.

Currently, the airline has a fleet of 58 planes, including 15 A320 ceos and 43 A320 neos.

“GoAir has started phasing out all its 15 A320 ceos… As part of this exercise, it has already taken out two such planes from the fleet. These planes will undergo the required maintenance before getting out of the fleet,” the source told .

When contacted, a GoAir spokesperson said two A320 ceo aircraft are currently under normal end of lease of life re-delivery checks.

The source also said the airline has grounded at least nine A320 neos due to engine change requirements and other issues.

On the grounding of nine aircraft, the spokesperson said that some planes are awaiting engine replacement.

As a policy, GoAir does not confirm numbers, the spokesperson added.

Aviation watchdog DGCA has directed airlines operating A320neos with Pratt and Whitney (P&W) engines to compulsorily replace at least one engine on the basis of specific flying hours. GoAir has A320 neos that are powered by P&W engines. IAS RAM

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