GoAir Singapore-Bengaluru flight grounded after technical glitch

A GoAir flight en direction to Bengaluru was Monday grounded in Singapore following a technical problem. According to GoAir spokesperson, flight – G8 28 Singapore – Bengaluru had an air turn back on priority rapidly after takeoff.

“There were 158 passengers on board. The aircraft is currently being attended to by the GoAir engineering team,” he said.

Meanwhile, a passenger tweeted announcing the GoAir Singapore-Bengaluru flight grounded due to the scent of oil stated in cabin mid-air. Kumar Jiwitesh, tweeted, “GoAir flight scent of oil suggested in cabin mid-air. Literally Stranded at Changi Airport from the past 2 days! No update yet from the group. Cooking up memories to simply fool the passengers!”

GoAir spokesperson said, “the boarding has commenced to Bengaluru and safety of passengers and crew is of paramount importance and we sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to our passengers.”

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