DGCA suspends AI express pilot for 12 months

NEW DELHI: Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Tuesday suspended flying licences of the Air India Express pilot involved in a runway overrun at Managlore airport, senior DGCA sources said. 

The incident happened on June 30, 2019, when the plane was operating Dubai-Mangalore flight. 

Sources said that the pilot-in-command of the said flight was found to be at fault, as the aircraft touched down with a high speed at approximately 900 metre from the runway.

“The pilot was high on approach and touched down late with high speed, which resulted into runway excursion and also damage to the aircraft,” said a source in the know. 

In recent weeks, the aviation regulator has been taking strict action against individuals and entities for various violations. The regulator, under the new DG Arun Kumar, is also taking strict action against pilots at fault in cases of runway excursion incidents in Mumbai, Kolkata, Surat and now Managlore. 

Mangalore, which has a table top runway, is a risky runway and an Air India express plane had crashed in 2010 after it overshot the touchdown point killing 158 passengers and crew on board. 

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