Indigo flight to Mumbai on Jan 6th 2020, loss of cabin pressure

An Indigo Airbus A320-200N, registration VT-ITA performing flight 6E-6449 from Bangalore to Mumbai (India), was descending through about FL200 towards Mumbai about 40nm south of Mumbai when the crew declared emergency due to the loss of cabin pressure and initiated an emergency descent, the passenger oxygen masks were not released. The crew downgraded the emergency to PAN after reaching 10,000 feet and continued for a safe landing on Mumbai’s runway 27 about 15 minutes later.

The airline reported the aircraft had an air-system indication caution in flight, the crew followed standard procedures. The aircraft is currently inspected by maintenance, it was not an engine related issue.

Passengers reported the captain announced “emergency descent”, a rise in temperature and a rapid descent followed. The aircraft was received by emergency services.

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