GoAir cancels 18 flights, passengers stranded at airports across country

Low-value service GoAir on Monday cancelled 18 of its flights throughout the us of a over non-availability of aircraft and crew, resources said, affecting hundreds of passengers.

The Mumbai-primarily based airline cancelled maximum of its flights from the Maharashtra capital accompanied through Delhi.

The cancelled flights consist of G8575 Mumbai Goa, G8381 Goa- Mumbai, G8 317 Mumbai Bengaluru, G8 395 Bengaluru to Mumbai, G8 113 Delhi- Bengaluru,G8 119 Bengaluru-Delhi, G8 209 Delhi to Bagdogra, G8215 Bagdogra-Delhi, G8 381 Mumbai-Chandigarh,G8 382 Chandigarh Mumbai, G8 227 Delhi-Srinagar, G8 192 Srinagar-Delhi, G8 199 Delhi-Srinagar, G8 149 Srinagar-Delhi, G8 373 Patna-Bengaluru, G8 378 from Patna to Bengaluru,G8295 Kolkata to Indore and G8 296 from Indore to Kolkata.

Sources said that the airline is facing issues with the availability of aircraft, as its Airbus A320 Neo has been facing technical glitches.

The airline also saw significant flight delays, which were attributed to late arrival of incoming aircraft that flew to different sectors earlier.

The airline said in a statement that it has initiated all possible steps to minimise inconvenience to the passengers.

“Alternate flight arrangements are being explored to minimize the impact. Free cancellation and re-booking options have been offered to all those affected,” it said in the statement.

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