Spicejet De Havilland Dash 8 (400) at Goa on Dec 17th 2019, unsafe nose gear

A Spicejet de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration VT-SUX acting flight SG-3568 from Surat Gujarat to Goa , become on method to Goa  when  the  team achieved  a  goaround  because of an dangerous nose tools. The aircraft in the end finished a low method to have the tools inspected from the ground which showed the nose gear became no longer within the down and locked position. The group therefore organized for a partial gear up landing. Upon third technique and full forest all touchdown it grew to become out all equipment become down and locked, the plane landed without similarly incident.

India’s Navy reported instructed the crew to go around due to the nose gear not being down on first approach.

The airline stated on first approach the crew selected the gear down, the nose gear indication stayed amber however. The captain therefore went around as a precaution. Concerned that the gear might not be in position the aircraft performed a low approach to Goa, tower confirmed the nose gear was not down. Emergency services were requested and the crew performed a precautionary landing. “On landing the Nose Gear was found to be down and locked. The Landing was normal and safe.”

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