SpiceJet technician gets stuck in aircraft’s landing gear door at Kolkata airport, dies

MUMBAI: A SpiceJet technician was killed at Kolkata airport after he got stuck in the main landing gear door of an aircraft he was working on. The technician, Rohit Pandey, lost his life in the accident that occurred around 1 am.

“The technician was carrying out maintenance work on the landing gear of a Bombardier Q400 plane belonging to SpiceJet, when the landing door accidentally got closed and he got stuck,” a senior airport official told.Details of how the door accidentally shut is being examined and an investigation is being carried out.

The landing gear door of an aircraft is a mechanism which is supposed to cover the landing gear during a flight. It comprises of three parts – a hydraulic opening system, a gravitational opening system, and a hydraulic closing system.

The aim of the landing gear door is to guarantee both protection of the landing gear, while also maintaining the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft. These doors are located below the aircraft and ensure that the minimum area opens while the landing gear extends out for the aircraft to land safely.

Last week, following a surprise surveillance, DGCA issued four show-cause notices to SpiceJet on poor training standards.

A statement from SpiceJet is awaited.

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